salesfloorLIVEMakes “Big Data” Useful

salesfloorLIVE is a modular retail cloud software solution that will help optimize store performance.

Each module utilizes real-time data to present a complete picture of how stores and employees are performing. Easy to use dashboards provide clear visibility into labor scheduling effectiveness, sales performance, customer traffic, store trends, and other key performance indicators that allow management to make real-time decisions to optimize their business.

Real-time Data That is Always Available

With salesfloorLIVE’s cloud based technology, it is always accessible to management and employees from a secure online portal, using a PC, tablet, or smart phone.


Schedulerworkforce management

Schedule smarter and faster

With our powerful and easy-to-use scheduler module you can automatically create conflict-free schedules, copy shifts, import schedules and more. The scheduler is a full featured workforce management tool that also includes a training module, time clock, payroll and HR, and it’s all fully mobile.  Implement the features that you need now, and have the flexibility to expand as you go. Configurable features include:

  • Interactive Drag-n-Drop interface simplifies the scheduling process and eliminates mistakes
  • Update and post schedules in real-time to provide instant visibility to managers and employees
  • Collaborative scheduling reduces managers workload
  • Eliminate schedule conflicts due to overlapping shifts, overtime and unavailability
  • Train your staff and track progress with the learning management features
  • Provide secure, centralized HR document management and storage of information



Optimal labor scheduling

Labor is one of your highest operating costs and perhaps your greatest leverage opportunity. The salesfloorLIVE optimizer is a unique and powerful workforce optimization tool for creating an optimized retail labor schedule. It provides management with integrated real-time performance-based scheduling data, capturing traffic patterns for each store to ensure that each area is covered by the optimal sales personnel allowing the store to deliver a superior customer service experience.

Predict labor demands

The optimizer module enables real-time staffing adjustments to match service intensity levels to traffic opportunities. Capture traffic patterns in each store — by hour, by day, by season to ensure coverage by the right people, in the right places, at the right times.



Real-Time performance visibility

The salesfloorLIVE  performance module offers visibility into the performance and productivity of each region, district, store and individual in real-time. This intuitive reporting will enable store managers to make timely and proactive decisions that better align overall performance with the goals of the organization.

Measure productivity

Our SaaS (Software as a Service) system is available anywhere you have an internet connection allowing you to have live visibility into store operations providing management teams the immediate ability to measure performance and productivity — by individuals, by stores, by districts and by regions. Gain intelligence for timely and relevant strategic actions that align store performance with enterprise goals.

salesfloorLIVE Business Intelligence Metrics include:

  • Customer Value
  • Service Intensity
  • Sales Per Hour
  • Conversion Rate
  • Transactions
  • Transactions Per Hour
  • Net Sales Dollars
  • Labor Dollars
  • Labor Hours
  • Labor Percent
  • Planned Dollars
  • Average Dollar Sale
  • Traffic Volume
  • and much more



Comparative Analyzer

Analyze Key Performance Indicators along with traffic and labor patterns

The analyzer offers decision makers the ability to track over 13 metrics and compare them to any user-defined time period. You can easily compare holidays that land on different days of the week or select a time frame when you have similar promotions to determine their effectiveness.

Find continuous improvement opportunities

Track and analyze up-to-date key performance indicator (KPI) trend comparisons across the entire hierarchy. The analyzer provides performance analytics that easily identify patterns and trends specific to your business allowing you to act on continuous improvement opportunities and focus your management decisions to sustain and improve organic growth.



Correlate activities that affect shopper behavior

Integrate your current information, and consolidate reporting and analytics in one place. The salesfloorLIVE modular platform is extremely flexible and the connect module has the ability to accept data from other traditionally “siloed” systems, and apply that data across the other modules to yield powerful business intelligence, customized to YOUR business.

  • Point of Sale (“POS”) system information
  • Inventory Management system
  • Existing Traffic Counting system information
  • Existing Time & Labor system information



Easy-to-use software

salesfloorLIVE is extremely easy to learn and use and will work with virtually any people counting system. It’s actually fun to observe and track how your performance compares to others’. With just a glance at salefloorLIVE’s traffic charts and graphs everyone can easily see and understand how individual sales associates, specific products, even stores and regions are performing. With salesfloorLIVE associates and managers can quickly see hourly, daily, weekly and year-to-date results.

Powered by the latest in 3-D camera technology

salesfloorLIVE can integrate and run with virtually any traffic counting hardware on the market. We can also source and professionally install the most accurate people-counting devices available. The camera data and cash register data is then processed and your real-time intelligence is available throughout your organization.

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