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Succeeding in an uncertain economy can be especially challenging for retail businesses. In addition to continually improving productivity, retailers must also accurately identify and act on trends, quickly respond to customer needs, and constantly find new ways to improve the bottom line.

The good news? salesfloorLIVE’s  innovative web based performance improvement and business intelligence solutions can not only provide access to the comprehensive analytical information stores need, but also help improve operations and reduce costs. These solutions can help retailers manage productivity and gauge store performance by interpreting key data such as budgeting, forecasting, scheduling and task management.  And…  The power of this information is applicable to in all retail environments, from clothing stores to grocery stores, restaurants to Banks, and big box store, to “stores within a store.”

While some business intelligence can be determined using tools that collect general data, salesfloorLIVE’s suite of targeted performance improvement solutions helps retailers mine the data to get a more complete picture of how a location is performing at a particular time.  The resulting dashboards provide clear operational visibility into areas such as labor scheduling, sales performance indicators and store traffic trends, allowing store management to quickly make needed changes.

The salesfloorLIVE platform utilizes your existing people counting system and leverages the data across multiple KPI’s that allow you to evaluate individual performance based on the traffic opportunity.


By applying business intelligence analytics generated by salesfloorLIVE software, retailers can make more informed management decisions and track the effects of those decisions in real time. This information empowers every decision maker – from CEO to sales associate — to make continuous improvements that better utilize resources and enhance customer experience.

Since labor is often a major variable operating expense for retailers, it’s essential to schedule the right people at the right time. salesfloorLIVE’s analytics-based performance improvement system provides the critical data needed to pinpoint potential areas of opportunity, enhance customer experience and convert foot traffic into sales.

There are four steps to successfully applying performance improvement analytics to an overall business intelligence strategy:

1.Data Analysis: Knowing What to Measure
2.Easy, Store-Level Access to Data
3.Interpreting Results: User-Friendly Dashboards
4.Real-Time Decision Making: Applying Findings to Improve Performance

Relevant KPI data can show the impact of labor allocation on a variety of metrics including costs, conversion rate, customer experience (service intensity) and profits. Capabilities include real-time management, tracking and performance measurements such as:

·Business Intelligence Metrics: Customer Value (CV), Service Intensity (SI) and Sales Per Hour (SPH)
·Scheduling -  Optimizing associate schedules based on traffic flow (Having the right people on the floor at the right time)
·Comparing: forecasted demand vs. actual demand
·Conversion rates

salesfloorLIVE’s powerful, easy-to-navigate dashboard provides a clear overall view of how a store is performing at a particular time, leaving less to interpretation. The information generated can pinpoint training opportunities, and help ensure the right people are scheduled at the right time to insure an increase in customer conversion.

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